The case for relative position and micro constellations.

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In the geospatial world, we’re always thinking of absolute positions, though when you think about it, everything is relative.  Our geospatial positions are in fact relative to Lat 0, Long 0.  When using projected coordinate systems, it’s relative to another arbitrary point on the earth’s surface.  I’d like to draw your attention to the Knock Nevis.  At a enormous 458m long, it’s the longest ship ever built.  Now being a ship it’s designed to move around, so it makes sense to base positions of fixed or otherwise assets...

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Virtual PC for ArcGIS 10.1 no longer an option.

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James Fee just pointed out that ArcGIS 10.1 will be 64-Bit only.  The immediate take away is that for those using Virtual PC to run a virtual server for development/testing, those days are over.  As you’re probably aware, Virtual PC doesn’t support 64-bit client OS’ so the time to switch has well and truly come.  Time to explore VMWare or VirtualBox (great free tool, developed by...

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Geographic Information Systems Stack Exchange

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It’s finally live, the GIS version of Stack Overflow. If you have any questions, or spare time, let’s get all our collective knowledge onto the new resource.  My hope is for this to become the new source for GIS development knowledge, considering the shocking history of the ESRI forums and docco, it’ll be a boon. So bookmark it, and add it to your daily...

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Forget about “Share my location”, how do they get my location?

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I was in the airport a month or so ago, reading about the new location API’s in modern browsers.  Interesting I though, that’ll change the way web sites can provide services.  Then a couple of weeks ago, a new version of Opera was released, which, you guessed it, included this new location API.  After the installation and restart, the what’s new page opened, with an invitation to see where all the other Opera users were, by letting the browser automagically add my location to the map too.  Fantastic I thought, let’s see how I go, as being based in...

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Humans are wasted as just another data capture device

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I’ve been pondering the Internet of Things for a while, specifically the application of wireless sensor networks.  I’ve designed and built more remote and mobile data capture tools and applications than I could easily remember.  The common characteristic with almost all of them however, is that a human is needed to gather the data.  The application of the technology is limited to the recording, management and reporting of the data.  The actual observations and monitoring is still done by human senses, mostly sight, sound, touch.  This strikes me as a...

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Stack Overflow for GIS? Spread the word.

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For those of you who are users of Stack Overflow, there’s a proposal for the same, but focused on GIS instead of software development.  Check it at James’ blog post, and register your...

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