Google maps providing intel to the robot invasion

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  Want proof?  Head over to State of Chaos, plug in your name and address, and watch as your home is destroyed by invading robots. It may sound corny, and it is, but I think the point to highlight is the sorts of things that can be done with publically available data sets, like streetview and google maps. I’m sure we’ll see many more augmented reality mashups coming our way soon. Oh, you may be wandering how I’m typing this if my house was destroyed?  Lucky for me street view has a vacant block where my house now stands, so in the parallel dimension, I suckered those...

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Who fixes your field data?

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  I was having a conversation with a client yesterday, and while just throwing ideas around, she offered up a gem.  “Why not get the field users to correct their own data.”  It’s brilliant in its simplicity, and the long term ramifications of adopting this work flow are huge. For those of us who’ve either managed work crews collecting information, or were perhaps once doing the collection ourselves, how many times have you heard the phrase “Don’t worry about it, they’ll fix it up in the office.”Let’s be clear, this...

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Screen scraping for data in 2011? Really?

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Source: http://www.agm.me.uk/blog/ Dave Bouwman just posted about developing a mobile app for the ESRI dev summit.  The thing that pipped my interest what that in order to get the data, he had to do some screen scraping.  Now this is no slight on him, as it was no doubt the only way to get it.  What boggles my mind though, is that in 2011 us developers are still having to resort to screen scraping to acquire public data. I guess it’s a fundamental flaw in the way we think of publishing data.  The process we go through is this… Collect the data Decide...

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Making mobile GIS work

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Last week I did a presentation titled “Making Mobile GIS Work”.  A couple of attendees have since asked for a copy of my presentation, but as my slides only contained headings, I thought I’d flesh it out here for the benefit of the wider community. The idea behind the talk was that I see the same mistakes being made over and over again, which in a lot of cases, mean failed projects.  In pretty much all cases, it’s not the technology, or the idea what was lacking, but rather that the system was too complex for the intended operators/environment, or that it was...

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Employing the cloud as the hub

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When I first started working for myself, I looked at what infrastructure I required, and then for available on-line services which could fulfill them.  The primary consideration was backup.  My computer was king.  If it all went to pot, I’d set up another computer, and, well, “The King is dead, long live the King”.  The paradigm shifted though when I recently bought my new smart phone.I’m sure the first thing most people think of doing when they purchase a new computing device, is connect it to their computer and configure synchronisation.  To...

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Tracking via Micro Sensor Constellations

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I’d just written a post about relative positioning and how micro sensor constellations could help, then straight into the car for a drive, with the notion still mulling over in my head.  At the end of the article, I talk about tracking people or assets on a freighter, when I realised, I still had my head in the GPS paradigm, rather than thinking from a sensor network perspective. What I proposed was this, that sensors with a known position relative to the freighter, transmit their signal, allowing anyone with a suitable receiver on board to note positions on board.  In...

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